I was a 55 year old male when I first visited IHC for men/Pharmacy to discuss general fatigue, inability to sleep well, decreased libido and weight gain/loss of muscle mass.  Like most adults, maybe more so with males, I was reluctant to talk to anyone, including my GP, about my symptoms and wrote them off as nothing more than the “normal aging process”.  I also am not a fan of using traditional pharmaceuticals, unless absolutely necessary, so I used this as another “excuse” for not wanting to discuss my concerns with the traditional medical community.  I was encouraged by my wife to meet with the IHC team after experiencing positive results from her work with them over the years.  I met with Dr. Allen Guehl and after viewing my lab work and discussing my symptoms, he prescribed a routine that I am still following today, some 2 years later.  I have witnessed improved stamina, increased libido, controllable weight and improved muscle retention since working with IHC team!  I strongly encourage anyone experiencing similar symptoms or concerns to not wait, like I did, and seek guidance and advice from a team with experience improving the quality of life for men of all ages!

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