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IHC Pharmacy specializes in Nutritional Supplements
Supplements are not all created the same.  Most have been poorly researched and are not effective.
Supplements need to be:
-Standardized to researched effective dose
-Properly Manufactured
-Researched to show effectiveness in Clinical trials

IHC Pharmacy only carries top line supplements 
Brands such as Designs for Health, Ortho Molecular, Nordic Naturals, and Pure Encapsulations, and NeuroScience
Unique dosage forms for adults and children
Targeting Supplementation based on your needs

Pharmacist/Owner Jeff Hogrefe has an Advanced Fellowship in Functional Medicine from A4M Organization
with specialized knowledge in Adrenal and thyroid health, Auto Immune diseases such as Hashimotos, Gut Healing
protocols, and Sleep Issues

IHC Pharmacy has created their own formulations for Adrenal Support

Our Pricing is Better than AMAZON

Customized Compounding 

We compound medications targeted to meet our patients’ unique needs.

  • We specialize in natural Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men and Women and offer private consultations (see locations E & F).
  • We are your source for the finest nutritional supplements.
  • We compound specialized medications for Hospice, including pain, wound and symptom management.

Integrative Health Center and Pharmacy is now a 100% compounding pharmacy and looks forward to continuing to provide you with your hormone therapy and nutritional supplements for optimal health and wellness. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • For quality assurance, our new automated laboratory has barcode scanning on all compounded prescriptions.
  • We are strictly regulated by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy.

We are the first compounding pharmacy in the United States to incorporate the Resodyn accoustic mixer into our compounding process. Using this piece of equipment, we are able to consistently outperform other compounding pharmacies in terms of accuracy and potency on the order of 30-50X greater. Current Compounding pharmacy guidelines allow compounds to be between 90-110% of stated potency (10% variance) whereas FDA Manufacturing guidelines require 98-102% accuracy (2% variance) Using the Resodyn Mixer, the Integrative Health Center and Pharmacy routinely achieves the more stringent FDA guidelines. Rest assured, when you get your Compounded medications at our pharmacy, you are getting the most accurately compounded medications of any Compounding Pharmacy in the United States.

**The Piqua Medicine Shoppe is now the IHC Pharmacy in Centerville, Ohio! In 2018 we bought our own building which now houses The Happy Hormone Cottage, The IHC Pharmacy, & The Integrative Hormone Center for Men.


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