Nutritional Supplements

IHC Pharmacy specializes in Nutritional Supplements
Supplements are not all created the same.  Most have been poorly researched and are not effective.
Supplements need to be:
-Standardized to researched effective dose
-Properly Manufactured
-Researched to show effectiveness in Clinical trials

IHC Pharmacy only carries top line supplements 
Brands such as Designs for Health, Ortho Molecular, Nordic Naturals, and Pure Encapsulations, and NeuroScience
Unique dosage forms for adults and children
Targeting Supplementation based on your needs

Pharmacist/Owner Jeff Hogrefe has an Advanced Fellowship in Functional Medicine from A4M Organization
with specialized knowledge in Adrenal and thyroid health, Auto Immune diseases such as Hashimotos, Gut Healing
protocols, and Sleep Issues

IHC Pharmacy has created their own formulations for Adrenal Support

Our Pricing is Better than AMAZON