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 “Our new Nutrigen “Diet, Weight Loss & Wellness” Genetic Test!

Are you struggling to lose weight or find the right nutrition plan that works for you? We have good news for you! Our new Nutrigen genetic testing may be the answer you’re looking for. Genetic factors determine between 40-70% of an individual’s BMI.

The results of the Nutrigen testing provide a comprehensive guide for personalizing your diet, wellness, and weight loss planning.
We are so invested in this program because many of our patients want to lose weight, that we have hired nurse practitioner, Dr Kim Sunshein, to spearhead our weight loss program.

Cost of this genetic testing kit is $350, and is open to our current Happy Hormone Cottage and IHC patients who are hormonally balanced, or working on it with us, with sex hormones, thyroid and cortisol, so your bodies are able and ready to lose weight. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr Kim, please call us at
513-444-6343. You can find more information on our genetic testing on our website at


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