Genetic Testing – Find Out What You’re Made Of

Genetic Testing

Are you curious about what is happening inside your body? When referring to genetic testing, we’re talking about understanding the inner workings of your body. Why does it respond differently to certain foods, and why doesn’t your body react the same to training as someone else’s? 

We are all made up of infinitely complex arrangements of chromosomes, genes, proteins, and molecules that interact and make you unique. Genetic testing is all about getting information on how your body reacts to the food you intake, the activities you perform, and could also provide you with valuable insight into whether or not you have a genetic predisposition for chronic conditions and disease. According to this study conducted by the National Institute of Health, approximately 45% or 133 million American’s will battle with at least one chronic disease in their lifetime, all the more reason to know ahead of time and begin preventative measures.

The Integrative Hormone Center & Pharmacy (IHC) offers a comprehensive range of genetic tests that are better suited to give you the information you need. There are tests geared towards general health, athletic performance as well as for dietary response information. The specialists at IHC are experts at administering tests and building results profiles for patients looking to learn more about their bodies.

What Can I Learn From Genetic Test Results

There are so many benefits to undergoing genetic testing. You get the ability to learn how your body truly works, how it responds to daily life, and what you need to do to keep it healthy and functioning at its best. You could be living a lifestyle that is ill-suited to your body’s genetic code and not realize what the issue is. Below we will explore the primary resources that genetic testing can provide you with.

Customize Your Diet

As dietary research advances, it’s becoming more clear that our bodies intake and breakdown food differently. The way your body chooses to utilize bioavailable nutrients is unique to you. Your body could have a dependence on carbohydrates for energy, and decide not to utilize fats for an energy source. 

These are all extremely important factors when deciding on a diet plan to follow. Imagine the benefit of giving your body exactly the right combination of nutrients it is looking for. Dietary efficiency is one benefit, but genetic testing is also about creating a profile that highlights irregularities as well. What nutrients is your body deficient in and what that could mean as a precursor to other health concerns is an important consideration.

Assess Your Risk For Chronic Diseases

By testing your genetic samples, it can be determined whether or not you are at an increased risk of developing certain serious conditions or diseases. To simplify the process, it involves closely examining parts of your genetics for signs of any abnormalities or mutations that could manifest into chronic disease later in life. Some examples include but are not limited to:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Diabetes

Early detection can provide you the opportunity to slow or potentially avoid developing these conditions, given you take the appropriate steps to fight them in a healthy way.

Optimal Training For Athletes 

What amount and type of nutrients does your body need for recovery and muscle building? How does your body respond to different types of exercise? This information goes hand in hand with your unique diet and risk of chronic disease. The final stage is understanding your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to athletic performance. Factors such as 

  • Power vs. endurance statistics 
  • Optimal recovery time between workouts
  • Training that benefits your body

Learn More About Your Body, For Your Own Good

If you are ready to get answers to questions like what food is right for you, the disease you may be at risk for, and how to maximize your potential for athletics, call or book an appointment online with the specialists at Integrative Hormone Center & Pharmacy today to learn more about what comprehensive genetic test will give you the answers you’re looking

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