Everything You Need To Know About Men’s Health

Men’s health is an important topic, one that, we have learned, is very much tied to hormonal health. While most individuals know the importance of a healthy lifestyle: exercise, eating well, getting check-ups for prostatic cancer, and so forth; that isn’t all that is needed to maintain your overall health. In fact, taking a further proactive step is necessary for optimal health. That key item that every man should consider is…hormone optimization.

What is Hormone Optimization?

Inevitably, everyone goes through points in their life when hormone levels decline, leading to a number of issues or concerns (see below). The lack of hormone production itself is what leads to an imbalance.

Hormones are chemical messengers, produced in the body, to aid all of the body’s internal functions. Therefore, even small fluctuations in hormone levels can take a toll on your well-being.

Hormone optimization, or hormone therapy, is the process of treating hormone imbalances that exist in a patient. Essentially there are a series of tests that are done in order to determine the deficiencies. Hormone therapy is then provided, by means of hormone replacements, to fill in what is missing.

Once levels are balanced, this is referred to as hormone optimization.

Common Men’s Health Issues Due To Hormone Imbalance

With regard to men’s health, there are some signs and symptoms that may indicate that a hormonal imbalance may be occurring.

It’s important to note that hormone imbalances can occur at any age. There is a general misconception that it happens only in elderly men; however, hormone imbalances are seen in men as young as 35 years of age.

Commonly described symptoms include:

  • Drastic mood changes, and/or depression
  • Aging, sagging or drying skin
  • Hair loss
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Decreased libido
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to focus or remember things
  • Metabolic issues
  • Insomnia
  • Erectile dysfunction

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, hormone therapy may be right for you.

What Hormones Are Involved in Men’s Health?

The main hormone reviewed for men’s health is testosterone.

Over time, testosterone levels decline in men. In addition, genetics play a factor, as do various environmental factors (such as pollution, steroids in meat products, chemicals, etc.). All of these factors contribute to testosterone reductions.

Although testosterone is the main hormone reviewed in men, it’s important to also look at estrogens (estradiol and estrone). It’s vital to optimize both of these hormone levels to the desired ratio. Essentially to achieve optimal men’s health, the goal is to increase testosterone levels and decrease estrogen levels in men.

If you’re wondering whether or not you have low testosterone levels, it’s important to be tested by one of our medical professionals.

What Can Be Done To Achieve Healthy Hormonal Balance for Men?

We work with patients to optimize your hormones through hormone replacement therapy, to help relieve you of hormone imbalance related issues.

There is also compounded medication that may be needed, depending on the issue. For example, for erectile dysfunction, we provide compounded medications that can improve erection frequency and strength. The advantages of using compounded medications include: more affordable than commercially available erectile dysfunction medications, and they tend to act quicker.

Through our therapy and medications, we work with you to help you achieve an improved quality of life by treating your hormone imbalances.

Happy Hormone Cottage offers a number of Men’s Health services, through the Integrative Hormone Center For Men (IHC).

These include:

  • Extensive Men’s Health Testing
  • Hormone Optimization
  • Medically Managed Weight Loss

For more detail visit our IHC men’s health services.

Are You Ready To Achieve Optimal Health?

Our IHC men’s health services provide monthly access to our trained medical professionals who specialize in hormone therapy for men. Not only will your testosterone levels be balanced, but you will also have the opportunity to connect with our professionals directly, as you need.

For optimal men’s health, we recommend at least 3-4 office visits per year.

Do not put your health aside. Achieve optimal men’s health, and start living your best life.

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