Dr. Allen Guehl MD, MS

Dr. Allen Guehl is a Dayton-area native, practicing since 1999. Dr. Guehl completed his pre-med undergraduate studies in Nuclear and Power Engineering at the University of Cincinnati prior to obtaining his MD degree from the International University of the Health Sciences. He completed his internship in General Surgery at Miami Valley Hospital and then completed his medical residency and master’s degree in Aerospace Medicine at Wright State University.

Dr. Guehl followed his passion for preventive medicine and continued his studies in Integrative Medicine at The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences where he will complete his second master’s degree in 2019. This unique educational path will make Dr. Guehl the only AMA recognized board certified physician in Preventive Medicine with a Master’s degree in Integrative Medicine in the greater Dayton area.

Dr Guehl’s diverse education and background complement his current role as physician at the Integrative Hormone Center for Men and partnership with The Happy Hormone Cottage in Centerville. His passion is for improving the lives of men through proactive preventive medicine is not found in today’s health care system of disease based therapies. The current system only provides options for illness and not options for improved performance.

In addition to his practice with the Integrative Hormone Center for Men, Dr. Guehl is the owner of the local doctor group of Community Foot Specialists which provide preventive and surgical treatment for foot and ankle conditions at six Dayton-area locations. Dr. Guehl has a passion for aviation and as a pilot he regularly provides airplane rides for local youth through the EAA Young Eagles program and also provides FAA pilot medical exams with an emphasis on prevention of chronic disease that may interfere with their flying careers.

Dr. Guehl resides in Springboro and enjoys spending time with his wife Maria, his two daughters Aleida and Arianna, and his grandson, Omar.